About Us


We engage young minds with powerful adventures that entertain and inspire.

The best part? They get to be the hero of their own book.

With our custom comics, our young readers open up their comic adventures to discover they’re the star, complete with their own face and name.


This time, they’re the hero.

Not only do the kids love starring in their own story, they get the chance to see themselves as the hero, regardless of their personal challenges. Whether they use a wheelchair, communication tablet, hearing aids, or another personal assist device, we’ve got them covered.

We want our readers to see the best possible version of themselves on the page, and that includes the devices they use to lead fulfilling lives.


Your support makes a difference.

Our community Special Education teachers give so much of themselves to change lives. Your donation will help them do what they do best: engage, empower, and enrich young people with disabilities.